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What does the Allay do in the Minecraft 1.19 update? 

The Allay is a new and friendly mob introduced in Minecraft version 1.19, and it has one distinct method of helping players.

Specifically, Minecraft players who free an Allay can expect it to pick up and return loose items to them.


By offering an Allay a block or item, the mob will search all currently-loaded chunks for any identical blocks/items lying on the ground.

The Allay will then return to the player and drop its cargo for them to pick up. This opens up some interesting utility in builds if players can harness the Allay’s behavior to their own ends.

Minecraft: Other Allay behaviors to note

A player offers the Allay a glow berry (Image via Mojang)
A player offers the Allay a glow berry (Image via Mojang)

In addition to retrieving items for Minecraft players, the Allay has a few additional behaviors that are worth keeping in mind.

When given an item, the Allay will also follow the player as it searches. If the item is removed, the mob will return to wandering about on its own. It can follow players from up to 64 blocks away and will search loaded chunks for items up to 32 blocks away from the player’s position. It can hold up to a single stack of 64 items, as it possesses one inventory slot.

There’s also an interesting behavior the Allay possesses pertaining to note blocks. When it hears a note block make a sound, it will investigate the sound.

The mob will then roam around the note block, seek out items and bring them to the note block instead of the player. This can make for some interesting builds, as players can feasibly use note blocks to create gathering points for items.


The Allay is also non-combative in Minecraft. The “owner” that it is bound to cannot harm it, but it can be damaged by other entities. If it takes damage, the Allay will panic and fly in random directions, attempting to avoid further hostilities. It will recover two damage (one heart) per second if it has taken damage.

However, if the Allay is killed, it will drop anything it is holding. The one exception is if the Allay is carrying a Totem of Undying, which will cause the mob to use the item to avoid death and restore itself to full health.

In future Minecraft updates, players will have the ability to duplicate the Allay. This is achieved by activating a jukebox with the mob nearby. It will begin to dance, and players can then give it an amethyst shard. This will duplicate the Allay without the need for breeding, and it will be set on a two-minute cooldown.

This should allow players to keep a healthy stable of Allays nearby without having to continuously free them from pillager outposts and woodland mansions.

Currently, this feature can be performed by players who are playing in Bedrock Edition’s 1.19.10 beta.

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