Wicked’s Idina Menzel Shares The ‘Honest Truth’ About How It Feels To Not Be Playing Elphaba In The Movie

One of the most memorable roles Idina Menzel played on the Broadway stage was as Elphaba in Wicked. She’s otherwise known as the green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West who became unlikely friends with Glinda before the events of The Wizard of Oz. With Wicked getting the film-adaptation treatment, the movie musical has cast its two leads. But, one of those leads will not be the actress who brought the role to life. Idina Menzel shares her “honest truth” about how it feels to not relive the Tony-winning role of Elphaba for the Wicked movie.

When Idina Menzel was asked in a Broadway.com interview posted on Instagram if she was excited about the new Wicked movie, she responded that she’s proud of the two new leads, but a little down about her aging preventing her from playing the role again.

People have been asking me this a lot, and I’m trying to give a really honest answer. And the answer is, yes, I’m very excited, and I know it’s in great hands and I’ve sent so much love to Cynthia and Ariana, and I’m there for them if they need me. And yes, I’m a little sad that I’m just older and can’t play the role, you know? And that’s the honest truth. I’d like to say I’m so valiant [and] I can’t wait, but it’s hard.