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WWE Hell in a Cell Results June 5th, 2022

WWE Hell in a Cell kicked off with the usual promo videos for the upcoming matches before we headed to the first match of the night between Asuka, Becky Lynch, and Bianca Belair.

WWE Hell in a Cell Results (June 5th, 2022): Bianca Belair vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch – RAW Women’s Title match

Asuka and Belair teamed up early in the match and sent Becky outside the ring before facing each other. Lynch returned to the ring and took a slam from the middle rope thanks to Belair.

Asuka beat up both her opponents as the crowd cheered her on before Belair came back with a buckle bomb to take her down. BigTime Becks reversed a KOD before THE EST of WWE hit a top rope move on both opponents and almost got a double pin.

The Empress of Tomorrow locked in double Ankle Locks but it was reversed and she was sent outside. Becky got the Disarmher on Bianca but she almost reversed it into a KOD. Big Time Becks tried for the Disarmher on Asuka who then locked in the Asuka Lock but the holds were broken.

Bianca was sent outside before Becky got the Manhandle Slam on Asuka. Lynch was about to get the pin but The EST rushed back into the ring and sent her outside before getting the pin on Asuka for herself.

Result: Bianca Belair def Asuka & Becky Lynch to retain the RAW Women’s Title at Hell in a Cell

Grade: B-

Backstage at Hell in a Cell, Cedric Alexander tried to talk to MVP but was told that the Hurt Business was over for good and would never reunite.

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos & MVP at WWE Hell in a Cell

The Handicap match kicked off slowly and MVP laid down some strikes early on but Lashley was able to shake it off. Omos stepped in and took Lashley down before MVP came back and started pounding on him.

Omos was tagged back in and Lashley tried for a vertical suplex but ended up in a fireman’s carry before taking splashes in the corner. MVP came back in and sent The All Mighty outside with a running boot before Omos sent him through the barricades.

Back in the ring, Lashley hit a spear on MVP but Omos took over before he could get the pin. Cedric Alexander interfered and Omos sent him back outside the ring but the distraction allowed Lashley to hit a spear on the Nigerian.

MVP was back in the ring and Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock, causing him to tap out.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Omos & MVP at Hell in a Cell

Grade: B

We learned at Hell in a Cell that Cody Rhodes tore his pectoral muscles earlier in the week following his brawl with Seth Rollins. They added that The American Nightmare will still be competing tonight despite his injuries.

Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel at WWE Hell in a Cell

Ezekiel was in control early on and hit a top rope move for a near fall before they went outside and Owens sent him into the barricades. Back in the ring, KO got a few near falls while taunting Ezekiel and yelling that he was Elias.

KO tried for a senton from up top, but Ezekiel countered it before sending him into the corner for some rapid kicks. Owens took splashes in the corner and a spine buster but managed to kick out.

Owens was still yelling about Elias when Zeke caught him with a huge knee strike. KO sent his opponent into the corner and hit a cannonball and a stunner before getting the win.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Ezekiel at Hell in a Cell

Grade: B-

AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan vs. Judgment Day at WWE Hell in a Cell

We started off with a brawl in the ring before AJ Styles assisted Liv Morgan, who hit a huge leaping hurricanrana as she took down Rhea Ripley. Ripley took control of the match and was tossing Liv around the ring before the tags were made and AJ and Priest stepped in.

Styles got some big moves in before tagging in Balor. Edge tagged in after Balor was sent outside and sent him into the announcers’ desk before bringing him back to the ring. Balor was isolated as Priest and Edge unloaded on him in the corner.

Edge and AJ were in the ring and Priest tried to interfere but was taken down before Styles got a near fall. The Rated R Superstar blocked the Styles Clash as the rest of their teams brawled at ringside.

AJ got the Phenomenal Forearm but Damian broke the pin. Morgan and Ripley were back in and Liv got a near fall off a big move before being taken down with a suplex. A brawl broke out once more after team Styles sent Judgment Day outside and hit some big dives.

Styles got another forearm but was sent outside by Edge. Balor hit a slingblade and tried for the Coupe de Grace but Ripley got in his way. Liv took her down but Edge used the distraction to hit a spear and get the win.

Result: Judgment Day def. AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan at Hell in a Cell

Grade: B+

Backstage, Cedric Alexander told Lashley that he interfered in the match for himself and not to help The All Mighty win. Lashley seemed grateful but warned him to never interfere with his matches ever again before walking off.

Baron Corbin vs. Madcap Moss at WWE Hell in a Cell

Corbin was in control early on and sent Moss outside and into the LED boards on the stage. Moss turned it around and tried to get a steel chair, but Corbin hit him with it instead and sent him over the announcers’ desk.

Back in the ring, Corbin got a chokeslam from the apron before beating him with a steel chair. Happy set up a chair in the corner but Madcap sent him into it instead. Moss beat Corbin with the steel chair before hitting a DDT on it.

Moss hit a few spears before sending Corbin outside. Happy came back with a chop block and sent him over the barricades before wrapping a chair around his neck and tossing him into the announcers’ desk.

Corbin brought the steel steps into the ring before Moss reversed a slam and hit him with an exploder suplex. Madcap hit the punchline and put a chair around Corbin’s neck before hitting him with the steel steps and picking up the win.

Result: Madcap Moss def. Baron Corbin at Hell in a Cell

Grade: B+

Theory (C) vs. Mustafa Ali – United States Title match at WWE Hell in a Cell

Ali got some big moves in early on before Theory stepped outside to regroup. Back in the ring, the champion was starting to get frustrated as Ali hit a few more strikes while managing to counter the champ.

Ali got a top rope crossbody to the outside before trying for another but Theory dropped him from the ropes to ringside. Ali came back with a spinning heel kick before getting a neckbreaker.

Mustafa reversed a finisher and locked in a hold but the champ got his hands on the bottom rope. Ali missed his finisher and took a chop block before Theory lifted him and hit the A-Town Down to pick up the win.

Result: Theory def. Mustafa Ali at Hell in a Cell

Grade: B

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell match

Seth Rollins’ ring gear resembled that of Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, as an added level of insult and mind game. Rhodes’ right shoulder and chest looked terribly bruised as the match kicked off. He hit the Cody Cutter but it hurt him more than it hurt Rollins.

Cody locked in the Figure-Four leglock before Rollins dug up a kendo stick from under the ring and attacked Rhodes on his injured arm. Rollins drove the stick into Rhodes’ bruise before he got up and took the weapon away.

Rollins tossed Cody into the cell wall and drove him into it with a dropkick through the ropes. Seth jabbed him with the pointy end of the Kendo Stick some more before slamming him into the ring post.

Rollins hit Rhodes with the steel steps before getting a table in the ring and setting it up. Rollins set The American Nightmare up on the table and went for a splash but Cody rolled out of the way as Seth crashed through it.

Cody got a cowbell attached to a bull rope from under the ring and tied it to his own arm before handing the other end to Rollins, who did the same. Cody used the rope to flip Rollins and hit a superkick before bonking him in the head with the cowbell for a near fall.

Rollins used the rope to send Cody into the ring post before setting up another table in the corner. Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes before he was power bombed through the table in the corner.

Cody reversed a pedigree and hit one of his own before getting a sledgehammer from under the ring. Rollins got a stomp before hitting the Cross Rhodes on Cody but Rhodes followed up with one of his own.

Rhodes got the sledgehammer but Rollins took it from him before he could strike. Cody hit two more Cross Rhodes before hitting him with the hammer. The Visionary went down and Rhodes pinned him for the win.

Result: Cody Rhodes def. Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell

Grade: A+

Show rating: B+

We got a great opening match from Asuka, Lynch, and Belair while Bobby Lashley picked up a big win at Hell in a Cell. Judgment Day took down Styles and his team while Cody Rhodes competed in the Hell in a Cell match despite a severe injury.

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